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The Society's 188th Annual General meeting wil be held in April, which will be followed, as is poractice, by a buffet lunch for all attending. 

The AGM also saw history being made in that, for the first time in it's long history, the Society voted in it's first female Chairperson in the person of Linda Potter of Armac, who replaces Michael Harrison of Active Shipping and who will remain both a member of the Scoiety, and a valued committee member.

The meeting also welcomed a new member this year, V Marine Fuels Ltd.

The  full committe now comprises:

Mike Harrison.  Active Shipping Ltd

Linda Potter. Armac Shipping.

Nigel Tarrant. Admiral Harding Ltd.

Graham Pearson. Casper Shipping Ltd.

Peter Knight. Denholm-Wilhelmsen Ltd.

Bob Jones. GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd.

Neil Bixby. T & L Sugars Ltd (trading as Kentships)

Harry Corkerry.  Inchcape Shipping Services Ltd.

Our next annual luncheon is being held , as is traditional, on or by the River Thames. This year it will be held in the Autumn and as with 2014 the venue will be The Dickens Inn, St. Katherines Dock by the Tower of London.  Members take the oportunity of using the lunch to entertain friends and clients.  If you are not a member, and would like to attend why not join the Society ?

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What Do We Do?

The Society functions at different levels, depending upon the role that it plays in the various activities of it’s membership. These functions can, and do, alter with changing circumstances and the needs of individual members. Paramount is always to act as facilitators in providing the necessary information and support, as mediators if required to ensure the individual members best interests, as much as it is possible to do so, are protected.

It has also become a useful forum, where members meet on a regular basis, to air and share current issues and problems that affect them. Experience has shown that very often, what is perceived as a difficult or major problem, is easily resolved with the benefit of others having experienced similar. Open meetings for all members, by which is meant companies, are held four times a year, with an annual luncheon where members can also entertain their guests, being held in late summer/early autumn. This is usually held on or close to the River Thames, and open meetings on a moveable basis, but always easily accessible for all members.